Saskatoon Co-op

THANK YOU Saskatoon Co-op

Involving athletes in a multitude of outdoor and indoor sports year-round is a natural fit for the Saskatoon Co-op!

“To us it’s just a perfect partnership, because these are people who are in our community, whether it is the kids or the adults participating in sports. The complex is now so multi-faceted and able to accommodate opportunities for so many people,” says Julie Gilbertson, Member Relations Manager.

“Sport is a huge, huge part of our community. It’s innovating. It’s healthy lifestyle. It’s developing teamwork.

And It’s an opportunity to have youth who are busy and engaged and of course those are our community volunteers, those are our future coaches and of course our future leaders.”


THANK YOU Saskatoon Co-op!

Your generous gift to the Gordie Howe Sports Complex Capital Campaign will benefit everyone in our community!