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Our current fundraising strategy allows us to complete maintenance and renewal projects for existing structures, and build new infrastructure within the complex.

Fundraising Status


So far we've raised over $42 million of our $62 million goal

With the money raised so far, we've turned Saskatoon’s ‘mud bowl’ into a CFL regulation size field — and the largest artificial turf field in Canada.

Modernizing Saskatoon Minor Football Field allowed us to enhance the visitor and user experience by adding offices, change rooms, meeting spaces, and event and entertainment facilities.

Because of these changes, athletes can now access the field eight months of the year, which has increased playing time ten-fold, and allows more teams, sports groups and younger athletes to use our facilities.

Most importantly, our community has already seen a huge return on its investment. But we’re not done yet.

The final phase of reimagining Gordie Howe Sports Complex is set to begin in spring of 2018, and we need the support of our community to drive this thing home. Let us show you our vision.

See our vision come to life in the interactive map of Gordie Howe Sports Complex above. To learn more about why this project is so important to Saskatoon’s communities, take a look at our full Case for Support.

Built by Community

Our volunteers make all the difference

Greg Yuel, Campaign Co-Chair

Quinn Magnuson, Campaign Co-Chair

James Avery

Dave Balon

Lawrence Beatty

Lenita Bracha

Dan Brisbin

Greg Brons

Rob Connoly

Shayne Dueck

Ivan English

Cyprian Enweani

Brad Farmer

Bob Fawcett

Kate Germin

Warren Gherasim

Ken Gunn

Justin Hoffman

Eugene Hritzuk

Rick Janzen

Dana Kidd

Daniel Kishchuk

Chris Kleiter

Bryan Kosteroski

Lauren Loehndorf

Mark Loehndorf

Mark Loeppky

Johnny Marciniuk

Dave McCullough

Keith McLean

Joanne McTaggart

Geoff Meinert

Ida Nerbas

Brooks Penrod

John Povhe

Dorothy Quayle

Bob Reindl

Sheryl Riis

Darla Saunders

Jerry Shoemaker

Brian Thompson

Margaret Tosh

Chris Veeman

Judy Warick

Dale Yellowlees

Lane Zabolotney

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