Lazer Autobody

Just down the street from the 66-acre Gordie Howe Sports Complex, Lazer Autobody has been making people feel confident they’re receiving the very best service in Saskatoon for 34 years.

Owners ‘Lazer Bob’ Heroux, Jennifer Heroux, Cole Jabusch and Braydon Heroux are grateful for the opportunity to give back to the community that has helped their business to flourish and thank their clientele for trusting Lazer Autobody with their vehicles for more than three decades. “For us to be able to help support the facility is something that we never would have imagined to be possible,” says Jennifer, “now that we’re at this point, we couldn’t be prouder!”

Bob, Jennifer, Cole & Braydon recognize the multifaceted value of sport. “Playing sports helps with physical fitness, brings people together, builds friendships and teaches us so many important life lessons,” says Jennifer.Determination, hard work, self-discipline, and commitment leads to success — on the field, ice and track — and in life.” That’s been the case in their lives.

Now the Lazer Autobody team aims to foster the dreams of others!

And with Bob & Jennifer’s grandkids entering into the world of sport, the importance of creating opportunities for the next generation has never been clearer. This is why, in addition to generously supporting new developments at the park, the Lazer Autobody Spirit of Sport Awards will launch in spring 2020 and continue into the future. It is their hope to inspire a new generation of kids to engage in sports and community.

Inspired by the passion, kindness and commitment of the many volunteers and donors involved, the Lazer Autobody ownership team is honoured to be a part of the Gordie Howe Sports Complex family working together to accomplish this incredible facility for our community.


THANK YOU Lazer Autobody!

Your generous gift to the Gordie Howe Sports Complex Capital Campaign will benefit youth in our community for generations!