Humboldt Electric

Humboldt Electric Team Photo

President Darren McConnell believes the culture of giving and volunteerism within Humboldt Electric makes both their people and company better. They strive to find ways to give back to the community that has helped them grow and succeed for over 50 years.

Humboldt Electric has 100+ employees, but Darren views and refers to them as family. He says, “it can be difficult to decide where to give, but the choice must represent the Humboldt Electric family.” The Gordie Howe Sports Complex met that important objective—a cause that speaks to, and of, their family at Humboldt Electric.

Darren shares that, “when accounting for the over 100 employees at our company and all of their family members, I’m sure 70% are drawn to the sports facilities for one activity or another.”

While Darren’s own use has revolved mainly around football, he speaks with enthusiasm of the multi-sport facility and the diverse use it holds. “The transformation is fantastic – this is an extremely important piece to our community.” Darren adds, “developments at the Gordie Howe Sports Complex put us on a level playing field with major cities in Western Canada!


THANK YOU, Darren McConnell and the Humboldt Electric Family, for making our community a better place for everyone to play with your generous contribution of $50,000!