Beverly Lackie

I’m impressed with the cooperation & vision of multi sport volunteers working together to make the multi sport complex a reality.

Jennifer Heroux, Lazer Autobody

Determination, hard work, self-discipline, and commitment leads to success — on the field, ice and track — and in life. That’s been the case in our lives. For us to... Read More

The Gordie Howe Family

Many consider Dad the greatest hockey player ever, but greatness was never defined by goals in our house. Greatness meant being the best person you could be, not the best... Read More

Oliva Yuel, Volunteer & Athlete

The location (of the new track) is particularly suited to serve a more vulnerable population on our city’s west side. The belief that they won’t fit in and lack of... Read More

Judy Warick, Coach, Official, Athlete

This world-class multi-sport complex will bring high-level events to Saskatoon like never before, greatly benefitting the economy and profile of our city. At the same time, it will be accessible... Read More

Playteck Enterprises

This project will literally change the face of Canadian recreation and athletics.


When everyone in our community rallies together anything is possible! YOU can inspire our future athletes, volunteers and donors with a testimonial. How has sport benefited you, your family or friend? Let us know and we'll share it here.