1989 Jeux Canada Games Foundation

December 12, 2019

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1989 Jeux Canada Games Photo Collage

Directors with the 1989 Jeux Canada Games Foundation were excited from the moment they heard about plans for Saskatoon’s 66-acre Gordie Howe Sports Complex. They immediately saw expansion of the... Read More

James Yausie and Cora Weenk

February 22, 2018

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Football is a way of life for James Yausie and Cora Weenk. In Saskatoon, the sport is so commonly associated with this family that it’s no surprise that these football... Read More

Yuel Family

February 21, 2018

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“Football has taught me life lessons including tenacity, dedication and teamwork. The Foundation Board and our Leadership Team demonstrate these same qualities. This is committed investment. This is leadership; and... Read More