“Howe Happenings” visits with Sutherland

Written by Gordie Howe Sports Complex staff

August 9, 2023

Savannah Sutherland does a drill at the Track and Field Track. (Photo by Darren Steinke)

Playoff chase on the diamonds dominates photo roundup

Savannah Sutherland is ascending to track and field stardom from her little hometown of Borden.

She is an athlete you can’t help but to cheer for. Having just turned 20-years-old on August 7, Sutherland keeps where she comes from close to her heart. The defending NCAA and Canadian champion in the women’s 400-metre hurdles is thankful for the support of her hometown, which is located about 53 kilometres northwest of Saskatoon and has a population of 281 according to the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada.

While she has run for two seasons with the University of Michigan Wolverines Track and Field Team, Sutherland considers the Track and Field Track at the Gordie Howe Sports Complex as her home track. She has been training there since it opened in 2019.

In our main feature story for the August upload of the “Howe Happenings,” we catch up with Sutherland, who was in her hometown area for much of the month of July. Sutherland reflected on what it was like to win her NCAA title this past June and admits there are still times she almost doesn’t believe her championship race win actually happened.

Savannah Sutherland jogs around the Track and Field Track. (Photo by Darren Steinke)

She talked about what it was like to adjust to life on the U of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor, Mich. During her first year, one of Sutherland’s biggest memories was attending a class in a lecture hall where the size of the class was bigger than the population of Borden. The track star has often gotten a chuckle when she explains to people in Ann Arbor how small the town she is from is.

Along with the piece on Sutherland, August’s “Howe Happenings” upload includes a photo roundup that finds itself fairly focused on the playoff chase that has or is occurring on the baseball and softball diamonds. One of those runs saw the MMKL Delisle Pride capture the silver medal on August 6 at Softball Canada’s U23 Men’s Fast Pitch Championship Tournament after the title game wrapped up at Bob Van Impe Stadium.

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The Delisle Pride celebrate a home run by Will Major on August 4. (Photo by Darren Steinke)