“Howe Happenings” features Olympic prospects

Written by Gordie Howe Sports Complex staff

February 9, 2022

Oskar Stack-Michasiw, left, and Luca Veeman are Olympic prospects. (Photo by Darren Steinke)

Photo roundup full of more Complex fun in winter

With the Winter Olympics going on in Beijing, China, it seems fitting that February’s main feature has an Olympic theme to it.

For the February 2022 upload of the Howe Happenings blog, the main feature post focuses on fact the Saskatoon Lions Speed Skating Club had two past members and two current members named to the Top 30 RBC Future Olympians list.

Oskar Stack-Michasiw and Luca Veeman are the two current Lions members named to the Future Olympians list. Bon Lowe and Daniel Pauli are the two former Lions who made the list.

Lowe and Pauli graduated from high school this past June in Saskatoon and relocated to Calgary for the start of the 2021-22 season.

Howe Happenings caught up with Stack-Michasiw and Veeman, who were both elated to make the Top 30 list. Both said it was big for the Lions to have a sizable presence on the Top 30 list.

Oskar Stack-Michasiw, left, and Luca Veeman are two of the Lions top skaters. (Photo by Darren Steinke)

The piece goes into detail about what it means for the Lions speed skaters to be on the Top 30 list as potential future Olympians. It adds how even more rewarding the recognition was for the skaters as most of the competitions the Lions usually attend have been cancelled over the past two years due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that has gripped the world.

Besides the piece on the Lions making the Top 30 list, we have a photo round up that shows off more of the happenings on our grounds as winter heads into the home stretch.

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A gentleman enjoys time on the ski trails on January 30. (Photo by Darren Steinke)