Update – new construction underway

Written by Gordie Howe Sports Complex staff

September 1, 2020

The end of August and the start of September have been an exciting time here, because we have some cool things taking place in the construction department on our grounds.

Our operations manager Johnny Marciniuk elected to go for a quick tour to collect a quick trio of photos.

In this picture, the foundation and pad are poured for the Nordic Ski Groomer Storage Building. Framing will start soon and the Ski Timing Hut and Track Storage Units are staked and ready for forms.

In this picture, flag poles are being installed and landscaping is taking place around the track surface at our track and field.

In this picture, an area at Leakos Field has been mapped out in preparation to receive bleachers that will be relocated from Cairns Field. The bleachers at Cairns Field will be relocated to the outfield at Leakos Field and Bob Van Impe Stadium to prepare for new bleachers at Cairns.

On top of what has been pictured, the underground utilities continue to be installed at the Multi-Sport building site. The floor will be poured soon followed by installation of the block walls on the first floor and stick construction of the second floor.

We plan to show off more construction progress in the coming weeks, so we hope you will feel free to keep checking in.