Kindess in Session

Written by The Friends of the Bowl Foundation

January 31, 2020

SaskTel sponsors classroom for Saskatchewan’s Next Generation of Great Athletes

SaskTel is proud to be another player supporting the Gordie Howe Sports Complex and Saskatchewan youth as they pursue their dreams. For the many student-athletes who rely on the Bowl, SaskTel and their employees see the special role that the facility plays in our community.

“We have many Saskatoon employees that coach or have kids that access this world-class venue,” explained Jodine Smith, SaskTel’s Senior Community Relations Manager.

“We are thrilled with all the upgrades to the complex and how it will foster incredible opportunities for young people. It’s — really a great asset for the whole city and province.”

This year, SaskTel joined the Bowl’s proud list of supporters with a five-year sponsorship that will help to further enrich the facilities and programs that are so pivotal to athletes’ success.

As part of the sponsorship, SaskTel also decorated a classroom at the Bowl which will be used by teams and athletes who use the facility. With a brightly coloured mural and accents throughout the room, the new SaskTel Be Kind Online Classroom sets the stage for a learning environment that encourages teamwork while upholding each other’s individuality.

‘SaskTel Be Kind Online Classroom’
in the Training Centre at the Gordie Howe Sports Complex

“All of us at SaskTel understand that athletes of all ages, even those who are reaching the pinnacle of their sporting careers, can struggle in their day-to-day lives with mental health issues, or even bullying,” said Jodine. “We hope the SaskTel Be Kind Online Classroom will help to create a positive learning environment for everyone.”

In recent years, the bigger push within our athletic communities towards mental wellness and a positive approach to coaching and parent involvement is helping to draw the line against bullying. SaskTel wants parents and athletes to know that the Be Kind Online program is there as another tool to help promote kindness both inside and outside the classroom.

“With Be Kind Online, we discuss the importance of keeping technology friendly and welcoming,” added Jodi. “We know that technology can be an amazing learning tool, but we also acknowledge the dangers with bullying that can be found online.”

Through the program, students, clubs and community groups can apply for grants up to $1,000 for youth-led initiatives that promote kindness and address the issue of bullying and cyber-bullying.

Charlene Neumeyer, an ESL teacher at St. Gerard School, has had plenty of experience with SaskTel’s Be Kind Online program. Her school received a grant from the program in 2019 to promote their Interconnections program that brings students together with elderly residents in the community to teach them how to use technology in a safe way.

“The Be Kind Online program has meant a tremendous opportunity for our students to engage in new ways in our community and this option would not have become available without SaskTel’s support,” Charlene explained.

With this new sponsorship, SaskTel strengthens its commitment to sports education and programming in our community for athletes of all ages.

We can’t wait to welcome new students to the Be Kind Online Classroom and to the many Saskatoon school sports groups supported by SaskTel that will also surely benefit from the resulting facility enhancements from this sponsorship!

SaskTel Be Kind Online Logo