Written by The Friends of the Bowl Foundation

November 25, 2019

The impact of upgrading & expanding the Gordie Howe Sports Complex will be HUGE.​​

​​Our community has proven what we can do together:

First we transformed Saskatoon’s ‘mud bowl’ into the most desirable sports field in our city. Saskatoon Minor Football Field is now Canada’s largest artificial turf field. It benefits 4x more athletes each year (over 6,000 players!), younger participants and more sports groups. 

We upgraded softball facilities and opened the door to an incredible 90,000 sq. ft. Indoor Sports Training Centre. Thanks to community generosity, our promising young athletes can train year-round here at home, creating opportunities for more kids to achieve success in sport, and in life.

Most recently, with your help, a world-class running track was completed, benefitting tens of thousands. In addition to serving the public, the IAAF certified track and field facility serves elementary and high schools throughout our city and across the province, University of Saskatchewan student athletes as well as local and provincial clubs.

Innovative engineering maximized existing resources and donated funds. A unique cover and liner permit flooding above the track and field for speed skating and public skating during the winter months.

With continued support from YOU – Saskatchewan’s generous and community-focused individuals, families and businesses – the fully realized Gordie Howe Sports Complex will be a GAME CHANGER.

CLICK on GAME CHANGER to learn about the many economic and social benefits of developing the Gordie Howe Sports Complex.

When the Master Plan for the park is complete, the Gordie Howe Sports Complex will be the premier sports park in Western Canada. ​​

Site plan highlighting future developments
Future developments highlighted in GREEN, above.


​​Complete, the park will provide facilities for MORE THAN 10 summer and winter sports, including: baseball, softball, football, lacrosse, hockey, speed skating, Nordic & cross-country skiing, cricket, track & field, ultimate disc and more.

Upgrades and new developments will make our city a magnet for provincial, national and international events. Saskatoon’s ‘home of sport’ will draw over 175,000 people every year!

Completing the Master Plan for the Gordie Howe Sports Complex will truly be a GAME CHANGER – for children and youth in our community, for the city of Saskatoon, our province and our country.

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Thank you for supporting the Gordie Howe Sports Complex