Foundation Announces Phase 1 – 3 Completion, Launches Phase 4

Written by Friends of the Bowl Foundation

April 28, 2016

SASKATOON SK — Friends of the Bowl Foundation provided an update on the redevelopment of Gordie Howe Sports Complex. Two phases have been completed at Saskatoon Minor Football Field including new turf, lights, sound system, score clock and construction of a 24,000 square foot Clubhouse. Phase 3 is well underway with the creation of a welcome plaza to the Gordie Howe Sports Centre.

Today’s announcements include a $250,000 donation from Richardson completing the Phase 1 and 2 campaigns.

The Friends of the Bowl Foundation are also pleased to announce that SMF Field will benefit from the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ Grey Cup Legacy Project. The Grey Cup Legacy Project was introduced in 2012 in preparation for hosting the 2013 Grey Cup. 7,000 temporary seats as well as corporate boxes were added to the end zones at Mosaic Stadium. The plan was to donate these seats to amateur sports programs when the new stadium was ready.

4,900 seats and 6 boxes will be donated to the Friends of the Bowl Foundation to enhance the experience for fans at SMF Field and create a facility that is able to host a wide variety of sporting events for years to come. The Saskatchewan Roughriders have also announced that they have acquired office space in the Gordie Howe Sports Complex.

“We are extremely proud to be a part of this outstanding sports facility.” Said Craig Reynolds, President and CEO of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. “We are thrilled to be welcomed here at the Gordie Howe Sports Complex and we look forward to playing an even greater role with the thousands of young athletes and children who are engaged in sports here every year.”

To fund the next phase of development, the Foundation announced a Phase 4 campaign called “Gordie Howe Sports Complex Legacy Campaign”. Quinn Magnuson will join Greg Yuel as Campaign Co-Chair for Phase 4. Donations will fund the transportation and installation of the stands for SMF Field, along with the installation of a new clock, bleachers, training mats, and track upgrades at Clarence Downey Speed Skating Oval and the installation of a new National standards backstop for Gordie Howe Softball Park. Phase 4 is a multi-purpose campaign with benefits to many sporting partners within the Gordie Howe Sports Complex.

These new developments at the Gordie Howe Sports Complex will not only improve the spectator and athlete experience but will also position the facilities well for hosting future provincial, national and international events.