Margaret Tosh

Thank You Margaret Tosh

The reason for supporting developments at the Gordie Howe Sports Complex — financially and as a volunteer, is, as Margaret Tosh puts it, is “so obvious.

Chatting with her however, the reasons and her incredible stories are plentiful—and inspiring. One need only speak with Margaret for a moment to feel the passion she exudes for sport, track and field (in particular, javelin)—but more so, about the endless benefits of sport throughout a lifetime.

It is with fondness and conviction that she speaks of the effects sport can have in a young person’s life. Margaret says, “skill is one thing, but it’s the opportunities, the coaching and belief in an athlete that grows confidence in their abilities. Confidence is an athlete’s biggest asset; it allows them to perform at their best. Sport brings out something special.”

Sharing a few of the endless examples from her 25+ years’ coaching, Margaret sees the incredible potential the new facilities have for athletes of all ages, levels and abilities. “The small things we’re each doing in this moment will affect athletes long-term, not just their performance, but in life.”

Margaret is quick to add “age doesn’t matter; attitude is the determining factor”. Her hope is that the “impressively thought-out facility is used to the fullest by all ages as there is nothing else like it in Canada. With such a world-class multi-sport/multi-use facility, seniors too need to use it!” As a record holder in several sports, she speaks of fellow athletes competing on the world stage and emphasises that “Masters sport is becoming much more prominent.

As a committed lifelong athlete, Olympian, record holder, coach and mentor, Margaret speaks so proudly of the array of gifts sport has brought to her life, and as a natural result–her support of the Gordie Howe Complex.


THANK YOU, Margaret!

Your generous gift of time, talent and financial support will help generations of athletes succeed in sport, and in life!