North Prairie Development Ltd.

Along with their children, Andrew, Angela and Tyler, Bernice and John Williams are business partners in the local family-owned and operated development company, North Prairie Developments Ltd.

Looking to give back to all the wonderful people who have supported their business over the years, the Williams partnered with the Friends of the Bowl Foundation to help transform Saskatoon’s Gordie Howe Sports Complex into a world-class, year-round athletic park!

With thousands of local kids and their families relying on facilities at the park each year — and thousands more across the province — the Williams see the important role the sports complex plays in our community.

“It is so important to have a safe place to play and be active,” says Bernice, “…a place where kids can be kids!”

Impressed with the master plan for the park, the Williams are eager for upgrades to be completed. The family hopes their company’s donation to the capital project will help people in our community increase their fitness and health, and build stronger, more competitive athletes.

They are particularly excited about the variety of opportunities available to kids and families to get involved and be active — from football and soccer to track and field, skating and cross-country skiing. And thanks to North Prairie Development’s generous contribution, these opportunities will only grow!

Talking about the community project, the enthusiasm in Bernice’s voice is unmistakeable. “The new sports infrastructure will provide local youth with endless opportunities to play out their passions!” 

With six grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren, Bernice and John look forward to seeing their own family benefit from the world-class athletic facilities.

“It is truly a facility that will become a main focal point in our community and will bring people together from all over our province.”

THANK YOU, Bernice, John, Andrew, Angela and Tyler Williams, North Prairie Developments Ltd, for growing opportunities for kids in our community to be active, to be healthy and to play out their passions!