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“Sport plays an important role in the culture of our Firm; it’s important to us to support projects like the Gordie Howe Sports Complex.” ~ Kevin Meldrum, Regional Marketing Manager

MNP believes in supporting the community they live and work in.

The motivation behind MNP’s support of the Gordie How Sports Complex is multi-layered—and runs deeper than a fit with a corporate charitable giving policy. It is characteristic of the people at MNP to not only give back to but to engage.

While client business is taken very seriously, the Firm integrates a whole lot of fun—and it is driven by leadership. Partner participation in the MNP Canada Games Torch Relay and hockey team enrolment (and victory) at the national AGM are evidence of a culture that endorses participation and a healthy lifestyle.

Tanya Knight, Executive VP Clients and Services, shares that “sport and the benefits gained are an important part of people’s lives”— including herself and her family, and those she works with.

Sport can play a role even in the hiring process at MNP. Those who’ve engaged in sport and competed “know strong work ethic, the commitment to a team, and the role of contributing to success.”

When comparing facilities to others in large communities across the county, it is believed that “Saskatoon was missing that sport hub”.

MNP hopes to inspire others to give to the project and offers a challenge to the community to be more philanthropic, not only because the multi-use facility is needed, but because they believe “it is a gift to be able to do business here.”

Tanya adds, “sport makes people feel like they are part of something”. Creating a parallel to MNP’s support of the Gordie Howe project, she says “it is an opportunity to be a part of something in our community that will in turn allow others to feel a part of something”.

We couldn’t agree more!


Thank You, MNP, for your generous $50,000 gift in support of the Gordie Howe Sports Complex!