Brian Michasiw & BRAINSPORT

Thank You Brian Michasiw and Brainsport

Two sports immediately come to mind, when Brian Michasiw of Brainsport thinks about the Gordie Howe Sports Complex.

I was really happy that the Friends of the Bowl partnered to develop this facility with the track and field groups and with speed skating,” says the local business owner.

“Track is an inexpensive way for those with limited financial resources to live a healthy lifestyle — the dual-purpose track and speed skating facilities will benefit everyone in the community.”

He appreciates the importance of developing a strategy that works for participants at a lot of different levels and recognizes the importance of celebrating elite athletes.

Brian sees value in the complex’s ability to attract more regional, provincial and national competitions and to extend the training and competition season.

“I had to think of ways to assist in funding that would serve in a long-term basis,” he says. Brainsport’s annual Donut Dash was launched to do just this!


THANK YOU, Brian Michasiw, for generously supporting facility development at the Gordie Howe Sports Complex — for everyone in our community!