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About the Venue

We are located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in the heart of the Gordie Howe Sports Complex. We have a seating capacity of 300 guests with fantastic views of the football field and a covered open air deck that seats an additional 125 guests.

Rental Rates

+ East Board Room

Seats 15
$41.00/Hour plus GST (3 Hour Min)
$100.00 Deposit required at booking

+ West Board Room


+ North Board Room

Seats 8
$41.00/Hour plus GST (3 Hour Min)
$100.00 Deposit required at booking

+ Main Hall

Seats approx. 200 wedding style
$145.00/Hour wedding rate plus GST
$62.00/Hour meeting rate plus GST (3 Hour Min)
*Main Hall Rental Fee may be waived for Sport only Team Fundraising Events if the number of participants is 100 people or more with Full Menu Food Service.
*Please note a $250.00 Damage Deposit will be required for all events in the Main Hall.

$168.00/Hour wedding rate *not included in the main hall booking*
$41.00/Hour meeting rate plus GST (3 Hour Min) * not included in the main hall booking *

Gordie Howe Sports Complex Wedding Package



All meals are served buffet style and include pickle trays and coffee and tea station

+ Steak Night

6 oz steak Oven roasted potatoes Caesar Salad Garlic Toast

+ Ukrainian Night

Farmer Sausage Perogies Rice Cabbage Rolls Caesar Salad

+ Italian Night

Oven Baked Lasagne Caesar Salad Garlic Toast

Banquets & Meetings

All meal selections are served buffet style

+ Beverages & Snacks

Fresh brewed coffee Tea Milk 250ml carton Pitcher of juice Bottle soft drinks Can soft drinks Soft drink pitcher Dasani bottle water Assorted muffins Assorted pastries/biscuits Gourmet large cookies Dainties Assorted yogurt Fresh fruit tray Cheese tray Bag of chips Chocolate bars Granola bars Tortilla chips & salsa Spankopita Bruschetta with crostini

+ Breakfast Buffets - Lite

Continental Pitcher of juice Coffee & tea Muffins/pastries Selection of jams & butter Sunrise Pitcher of juice Regular & decaf coffee, tea Fresh fruit platter Assorted bagels and cream cheese (Toaster provided) Assorted yogurt Granola Nice & Lite Hard boiled eggs Fresh fruit platter Mini muffins Coffee & tea

+ Breakfast Buffet - Hearty

Early Riser Regular & decaf coffee, tea Pitcher of juice Fruit platter Scrambled eggs Bacon Hasbrowns Muffins/pastries Deluxe Regular & decaf coffee, tea Pitcher of juice Fruit platter Scrambled eggs Bacon Sausage Hasbrowns Muffins/pastries Pancakes Tomato slices

+ Lunch or Dinner #1

#1 Nice & Lite Choice of 1 soup Choice of 1 salad Biscuits Fruit platter Coffee & tea #2 Assorted sandwiches & wraps Veggie or fruit tray Dainties Coffee & tea #3 Soup & Sandwich Choice of 1 soup Choice of 2 salads Pickle & olive tray Assorted sandwiches & wraps Dainties Coffee & tea #4 Burger Bar 1/4 lb beef burgers or chicken 1 salad selection Pickle tray Condiments Coffee & tea Dainties

+ Lunch or Dinner #2

#5 Deli Style Assorted cold cuts Rolls 1 soup 1 salad selection Pickles tray Condiments & cheese Dainties Coffee & tea #6 Italian Style Baked lasagne Rotini with Alfredo sauce Garlic toast 1 salad selection Veggie platter Pickle tray Coffee & tea Dainties #7 Prairie Style Shaved roast beef Kaiser rolls 1 salad selection Pickle tray Dainties Coffee & tea #8 Prairie Best 8oz Steak Baked or oven roast potato Caesar Salad Grilled onions & mushrooms Pickle tray Garlic bread Coffee & tea Dainties

+ Lunch or Dinner #3

#9 Prairie Favourite 1 salad selection Perogies with Sautee bacon & onion Cabbage Rolls Farmer Sausage Mixed vegetable Pickle tray Coffee & tea Dinner rolls Dainties #10 Greek Chicken Dinner 6oz greek spiced chicken breast Rice Pilaf or lemon potato Greek salad Garlic toast Dainties Coffee & tea #11 Appy Bar Veggie platter Boneless dry Ribs Spring rolls Chicken fingers Tortilla chips with salsa Coffee & tea

+ Lunch or Dinner #4

# 12 Chicken Breast Dianne Lemon Roast potato Hot mixed vegetable Garden Salad Coffee & tea #13 Chili Condiments Carne or Country Style Beef Stew Dinner roll Garden Salad Coffee & tea #14 Beef Burrito (or chicken) Garden Salad Tortilla chips & salsa Coffee & tea #15 Chicken Fingers 3-4 pcs Caesar salad Garlic bread Coffee & tea #16 Beef Sliders 2-3 pcs Potato wedges Coleslaw Coffee & tea

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