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About the Venue

We are a new venue located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in the heart of the Gordie Howe Sports Complex. We have a seating capacity of 300 guests with fantastic views of the football field and a covered open air deck that seats an additional 125 guests.   WC Food Services handles the setup, food clearing, bar service and tear down of tables and linens. You will have nothing to worry about the day of the event. Let WC Food Services do all the work for you.

Rental Rates

+ East Board Room

Seats 15
$36.00/Hour plus GST (3 Hour Min)
$100.00 Deposit required at booking

+ West Board Room


+ North Board Room

Seats 8
$36.00/Hour plus GST (3 Hour Min)
$100.00 Deposit required at booking

+ Main Hall

Seats approx. 200 wedding style
$55.00/Hour plus GST (3 Hour Min)
*Main Hall Rental Fee may be waived for Sport only Team Fundraising Events if the number of participants is 150 people or more with Full Menu Food Service.
*Please note a $250.00 Damage Deposit will be required for all events in the Main Hall.

$36/Hour plus GST (3 Hour Min) * not included in the main hall booking *



All meals are served buffet style and include pickle trays and coffee and tea station

+ Steak Night

6 oz steak Oven roasted potatoes Caesar Salad Garlic Toast

+ Ukrainian Night

Farmer Sausage Perogies Rice Cabbage Rolls Caesar Salad

+ Italian Night

Oven Baked Lasagne Caesar Salad Garlic Toast

Banquets & Meetings

All meal selections are served buffet style

+ Beverages & Snacks

Fresh brewed coffee Tea Milk 250ml carton Pitcher of juice Bottle soft drinks Can soft drinks Soft drink pitcher Dasani bottle water Assorted muffins Assorted pastries/biscuits Gourmet large cookies Dainties Assorted yogurt Fresh fruit tray Cheese tray Bag of chips Chocolate bars Granola bars Tortilla chips & salsa Spankopita Bruschetta with crostini

+ Breakfast Buffets - Lite

Continental Pitcher of juice Coffee & tea Muffins/pastries Selection of jams & butter Sunrise Pitcher of juice Regular & decaf coffee, tea Fresh fruit platter Assorted bagels and cream cheese (Toaster provided) Assorted yogurt Granola Nice & Lite Hard boiled eggs Fresh fruit platter Mini muffins Coffee & tea

+ Breakfast Buffet - Hearty

Early Riser Regular & decaf coffee, tea Pitcher of juice Fruit platter Scrambled eggs Bacon Hasbrowns Muffins/pastries Deluxe Regular & decaf coffee, tea Pitcher of juice Fruit platter Scrambled eggs Bacon Sausage Hasbrowns Muffins/pastries Pancakes Tomato slices

+ Lunch or Dinner #1

#1 Nice & Lite Choice of 1 soup Choice of 1 salad Biscuits Fruit platter Coffee & tea #2 Assorted sandwiches & wraps Veggie or fruit tray Dainties Coffee & tea #3 Soup & Sandwich Choice of 1 soup Choice of 2 salads Pickle & olive tray Assorted sandwiches & wraps Dainties Coffee & tea #4 Burger Bar 1/4 lb beef burgers or chicken 1 salad selection Pickle tray Condiments Coffee & tea Dainties

+ Lunch or Dinner #2

#5 Deli Style Assorted cold cuts Rolls 1 soup 1 salad selection Pickles tray Condiments & cheese Dainties Coffee & tea #6 Italian Style Baked lasagne Rotini with Alfredo sauce Garlic toast 1 salad selection Veggie platter Pickle tray Coffee & tea Dainties #7 Prairie Style Shaved roast beef Kaiser rolls 1 salad selection Pickle tray Dainties Coffee & tea #8 Prairie Best 8oz Steak Baked or oven roast potato Caesar Salad Grilled onions & mushrooms Pickle tray Garlic bread Coffee & tea Dainties

+ Lunch or Dinner #3

#9 Prairie Favourite 1 salad selection Perogies with Sautee bacon & onion Cabbage Rolls Farmer Sausage Mixed vegetable Pickle tray Coffee & tea Dinner rolls Dainties #10 Greek Chicken Dinner 6oz greek spiced chicken breast Rice Pilaf or lemon potato Greek salad Garlic toast Dainties Coffee & tea #11 Appy Bar Veggie platter Boneless dry Ribs Spring rolls Chicken fingers Tortilla chips with salsa Coffee & tea

+ Lunch or Dinner #4

# 12 Chicken Breast Dianne Lemon Roast potato Hot mixed vegetable Garden Salad Coffee & tea #13 Chili Condiments Carne or Country Style Beef Stew Dinner roll Garden Salad Coffee & tea #14 Beef Burrito (or chicken) Garden Salad Tortilla chips & salsa Coffee & tea #15 Chicken Fingers 3-4 pcs Caesar salad Garlic bread Coffee & tea #16 Beef Sliders 2-3 pcs Potato wedges Coleslaw Coffee & tea

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