“Howe Happenings” full of sports camps fun

Written by Gordie Howe Sports Complex staff

August 9, 2021

Two youngsters take part in a Spark Park ultimate Frisbee game. (Photo by Darren Steinke)

Photo post captures scenes from numerous events held at Complex

The sound of happiness and glee from children and young athletes fill the air, if you’ve dropped in at the Gordie Howe Sports Complex in July and currently in August.

Saskatoon’s home for sport has become the home for summer sports camps.

In July and August, the morning and afternoon daily calendar is filled with activity from weekly camps involving the Spark Park Summer Sport Camps run by Ignite Athletics in partnership with the Complex and track and field camps overseen by the Running Wild Athletics Club.

With all the fun that is being had, the main feature for the August upload for the “Howe Happenings” blog is a story about how much enjoyment is being had at those camps. The piece also shows that both of those camps have provided wonderful opportunities to allow children and young athletes to be active.

A young athletes throw a javelin at a Running Wild track camp. (Photo by Darren Steinke)

On top of checking in on the fun of those summer sports camps, “Howe Happenings” contains a new photo round up post capturing scenes from numerous events that have been held on our grounds since July 1.

Since the start of July and with the lifting of Public Health Orders that were brought in to address the COVID-19 pandemic, the Gordie Howe Sports Complex grounds hosted events like Saskatoon Valkyries WWCFL football games and provincial softball championship tournaments for the first time since 2019. Excitement was in the air for the resumption of these events.

You can find these items on the “Howe Happenings” blog at howehappenings306.blogspot.com.

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The Saskatoon Selects Black Sox celebrate winning Softball Saskatchewan’s Under-19 Open Men’s title on July 25. (Photo by Darren Steinke)