“Howe Happenings” catches up with Ignite, Chartrand

Written by Gordie Howe Sports Complex staff

April 9, 2021

Logan Hofmann trains in the off-season at Ignite Athletics. (Photo courtesy Ignite Athletics)

Spark Park Summer Sport Camps return to Complex

Ignite Athletics are a key fixture here on the Gordie Howe Sports Complex grounds.

Located on the second floor of the Indoor Training Centre, Ignite aims to be the best training facility in Canada located on the best sports complex grounds in Canada. The crew at Ignite wants to help the athletes they train to improve every day, so they can meet their athletic goals.

Ignite has attracted elite athletes from a wide variety of sports along with people who just want to be in better physical shape.

The staff at Ignite takes a genuine interest in the lives of the athletes they train. That personable characteristic has become more emphasized over the past year as the world has dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Howe Happenings blog caught up with Ignite co-owner and strength and conditioning coach Joel Lipinski about how Ignite has continued to create a positive environment and be a positive fixture in the lives of the athletes they train during these challenging times.

The Howe Happenings story on Ignite also talks about the Spark Park Summer Sport Camps that will be returning this summer for a second consecutive year. Run in partnership with the Gordie Howe Sports Complex, these week-long camps introduce children to a vast array of sporting experiences.

Lipinski said those camps really helped children both physically and mentally, when they ran for the first time last summer.

The Spark Park Summer Sport Camps poster.

The second post on Howe Happenings features Jorde Chartrand, who is a rising star in softball. Chartrand is a gifted right-handed pitcher who will be joining the University of Central Arkansas Bears NCAA Division I program this fall.

Chartrand, who is a gifted academic student too, is a familiar face around these parts having played with the Saskatoon Phantoms Softball Zone and the regional 222’s fastpitch program. The Weyburn, Sask., product also worked with Trevor Ethier with the softball program at Tommy Douglas Collegiate.

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Jorde Chartrand signs with the University of Central Arkansas Bears. (Photo courtesy Jorde Chartrand)