Many Football Fans Found a Seat Under Their Tree this Christmas

Written by Friends of the Bowl Foundation

January 3, 2015

Dr. Murray & Deanne Opdahl were the first to pick their seats for the upgraded stands at SMF Field. Might not be THIS close to the field but fans can leave their name on a seat and support all the new developments at the Gordie Howe Sports Complex.

SASKATOON SK — Friends of the Bowl Foundation launched a new way to support the Legacy Campaign and leave your own legacy on the seats at Saskatoon Minor Football Field. Murray & Deanne Opdahl were the first to claim their seats at SMF. Murray, a well-known Saskatoon physician, has provided medical support to high school and Hilltop football for more than two decades. He only recently retired from the high school scene due to increasing commitments from a growing family. “After watching literally hundreds of games from the sidelines, this facility is almost like a second home,” says Opdahl. “Putting our name on a couple of seats is just a reminder of what great experiences I have on that field.”

Co-chair for the Legacy Campaign, Quinn Magneson adds, “I can’t remember how many games my family sat in those stands, whether it was a sweltering Sunday in August or a freezing November evening, cheering on my team. This is a unique way to say thanks for all the support.”